Police to Reveal Personal Info. on Serial Killer Lee Chun-jae


Police have decided to reveal personal information about Lee Chun-jae, who has confessed to the decades-old serial killings in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency announced on Tuesday that it booked Lee on additional charges, including nine murders and nine sexual assault cases.

The agency said it decided to book Lee on the additional charges after concluding he had committed those crimes.

The move comes after Lee, who is serving life for a separate rape and murder conviction, was booked in October for five of the ten Hwaseong murders that authorities say his DNA links him to.

He had claimed to be responsible for all ten and had also confessed to four additional murders and 30 incidents of rape or attempted rape from decades ago.

The agency said that although much information has been revealed about Lee already, police have not disclosed such information up until now.

However, police have said it would be realistically difficult to reveal Lee's face given that he's behind bars.

Meanwhile, police have changed their official name of the Hwaseong serial killings to "Lee Chun-jae's serial killings."

Source: KBS World Radio