RFA: N. Korea Builds Dock to Pave Way for Large Submarine


Radio Free Asia(RFA) says North Korea is carrying out a naval construction program at a ship repair yard in Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province, mobilizing engineers from another shipbuilding site in the country.

RFA quoted a source in South Hamgyong as saying that the North completed the construction of an 180-meter-long, 25-meter-wide dock at the Sinpo ship repair yard, adding it is large enough to build a ten-thousand-ton submarine.

Noting the dock at the Sinpo yard is a refurbishment of an existing docking facility, the source suspected its connection with an order by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in 2014 to build a ten-thousand-ton submarine.

Another source told RFA that the regime selected engineers and technicians in the Chongjin shipyard in North Hamgyong Province and sent them to Sinpo.

The source added that he heard from family members of an engineer who used to work at the Chongjin shipyard that the engineer was taken along with his family to Sinpo to make a new submarine there.

Source: KBS World Radio