‘Switch’ presents body-swap comedy between top star, manager

SEOUL– “Switch” tells a fun and heartwarming story in which a top star and his manager unexpectedly swap bodies and learn important truths about their lives, its director Ma Dae-yoon said Wednesday.


The film revolves around top star Park Gang (Kwon Sang-woo), whose life turns upside down after his body is changed with his manager, Jo Yoon (Oh Jung-se), on Christmas.


Overnight, the A-list actor has to live with the manager’s wife (Lee Min-jung) and two children in a small house, and deal with the harsh reality of no longer being a rich bachelor.


“I intended to make a heartwarming movie that goes well with the year-end and New Year holiday season,” Ma said during a press conference in Seoul.


Ma said he wrote the script with the two actors in mind, who have appeared in a wide range of genre movies in their past works.


“The two actors look different and act in different styles, but I made efforts to maximize the contrast between their characters during the two-hour movie,” he said. “I tried to deliver their similar but different feelings in terms of their clothing, ways of talking and background.”


Kwon, a father of two children in real life, said he felt more comfortable with playing the role of the manager than the top star.


“The movie made me look back on myself, and I want audience members to be able to resonate with the feelings,” Kwon said.


Oh described the story’s setting as “bitter sweet,” saying the movie will both entertain and touch viewers.


“Switch” will be released in January, with its specific schedule not yet confirmed, according to its distributor, Lotte Entertainment.





Source: Yonhap News Agency