UN Members Submit Resolutions Calling for N. Korea’s Denuclearization


UN member nations have reportedly submitted joint resolutions calling for North Korea's complete denuclearization.

According to the Voice of America on Friday, 35 nations, including Japan, Germany and Australia, submitted the resolution to the UN General Assembly First Committee dealing with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace.

The resolution welcomed the three inter-Korean summits and U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore as the North's positive steps toward final, fully verified denuclearization, and urged Pyongyang to implement its commitments made in those summits.

In a separate move, 66 countries including Japan, Britain, Italy and Canada proposed a joint resolution condemning the North's six nuclear tests in violation of UN Security Council(UNSC) resolutions.

The resolution also welcomed the North's efforts for dialogue with South Korea and the U.S., but called on the communist country to dismantle its nuclear program and abide by the UNSC.

These resolutions will be put to vote early next month.

Source: KBS World Radio