UNC Authorizes Removal of Mines in Border Areas


The UN Command(UNC) has approved the removal of land mines in the Joint Security Area(JSA) and parts of the demilitarized zone(DMZ).

The Voice of America(VOA) on Wednesday quoted Colonel Chad Carroll, the UNC's public affairs director, as saying the UNC authorized the current demining efforts in line with the spirit of the UN Armistice Agreement and the recent comprehensive agreement between South and North Korea.

Carroll added that the U.S. Forces Korea will perform a support role, including having air medical evacuation assets available to respond within minutes of any potential medical emergencies. He also said that South Korea's Army Engineers will conduct demining operations on the UNC side of the JSA.

The two Koreas began removing land mines in the JSA and parts of the Arrowhead Ridge within the DMZ in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province from Monday.

Removing mines in the JSA, which is regarded to be the first step in disarming the area, will run through October 20th.

Source: KBS World Radio