VANK Produces World Maps to Promote Dokdo Islets


Anchor: A South Korean nongovernmental organization plans to distribute three-thousand-500 copies of world maps in Africa in an aim to promote the country's easternmost Dokdo islets. The Voluntary Agency Network for Korea hopes the maps will help raise public awareness that Dokdo is South Korean territory.

Kim In-kyung has more.

Report: The Voluntary Agency Network for Korea, or VANK, has produced world maps using the Robinson projection to be handed out in countries in Africa.

VANK said Wednesday that the Robinson method reduces distortions in the shape and size of territories that can occur in the process of mapmaking.

It said that the Mercato projection, commonly used in the West, depicts Europe and the Americas as bigger than their actual size while the African continent appears to be relatively smaller.

The words Dokdo and nearby Ulleung Island stand out on the map and the waters between South Korea and Japan are marked as the East Sea.

VANK chief Park Ki-tae said he hopes the maps will comfort the people of Africa and promote the Dokdo islets and the East Sea at the same time.

The NGO plans to give out the maps to young South Koreans headed for Africa to be distributed to local schools. It also plans to send the maps to schools around the world.

Kim In-kyung, KBS World Radio News.

Source: KBS World Radio