Yoon launches Presidential Committee of National Unity


SEOUL-- President Yoon Suk-yeol on Wednesday launched a presidential committee tasked with promoting national unity across all sectors, including politics, the economy and culture.

The Presidential Committee of National Unity is the first panel directly under the president to be launched since Yoon's inauguration in May. It is headed by former Democratic Party leader Kim Han-gil and composed of 24 members, including professors, former lawmakers and artists.

"National unity is the most important driving force in conducting state affairs, and also very important in overcoming the multiple crises we face," Yoon said during the launch ceremony at the presidential office.

"Unity is achieved on the basis of the sharing of values," he continued, citing freedom, human rights, the rule of law and solidarity.

Yoon explained that he and his administration have called for a "new leap" for South Korean society that does not stop at economic growth but extends to breaking free from chronic patterns of low growth, making bold investments in the future and improving social mobility.

"I believe that while people with completely different thoughts peacefully coexist, we should work to further spread universal values among our people and ensure they are shared to create the foundation for true unity," he said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency